Ryanthompson (Photography)

I am a Toronto based photographer, musician and storyteller.
Always developing, always learning more.

CREATIVE - Art Direction | Social Media | Brand Consulting | Content Creation | Copy Writing

PHOTO - Editorials | Portraits | Product | Food | Fashion | Lifestyle 

SOUND - I write and record music.    

DESIGN - From logos to websites, to book covers to band posters, handheld or online, everything is art.




Loraine Mohar (Cover art)

I’m an artist in Toronto working with both digital and hand-cut paper collages. I primarily use vintage books and old illustrations to create surreal worlds that reflect the beautiful, humorous and tragic experience of life.


My love and passion for surrealism comes mostly from my fascination with the powerful and mysterious way that our subconscious intertwines with our conscious lives. I enjoy creating in the space where the two meet while attempting to reflect the dynamic relationship between them in my work. Cutting the often very tiny images is a labour of love, the process of which a form of meditation and personal transcendence.


I also design posters, album covers and business cards. Feel free to get in touch with me about your project!